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Airtel is no longer my favorite

Some days before when I got broadband connection in just 3 days, I was so glad that I have written in one post that Airtel provides good service. But I am little bit upset now as in last one week my phone died twice. On 24th Mar when I found it dead, my broadband connection was also not working as there was no link. But now, however my broadband connection is working but it get disconnected in every couple of minutes and then automatically reconnects in next minute. I don’t know where is the problem and why it is happening. So before taking any decision please think yourself and please excuse me if I have convinced you that Airtel is best earlier..


Wish you a Happy and Colourful Holi

I am going to my home tomorrow. May not get time to post here. So very advance happy and colorful holi to all of you.

Salute to all Women

Woman, the person gives birth to a child. Woman, the person loves everyone. Woman, the person, without her, life is incomplete. I salute all the women, who have contributed to make me, what I am, on this special day, World Women’s Day.

Hum Tum :: Cartoons

Today Pratiksha made me remembering Hum Tum cartoons. As she was listening to Ladki Kyun song of movie Hum Tum, she told more about boys (Hum) and girls (Tum) and their … . See all the cartoons of Hum Tum …

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