Debiprasad…a Friend you Love!

Biswajit Mishra

In first three years of my B. Tech, we only know each other by name and branch only. But in a very little time he became my dearest friend. I am always grateful to Sulagna, to gift me such a good friend, however she don’t know about this. Biswajit Mishra, AKA Bisu, Kuna, Kunal and most popularly, Basia. He is very handsome, don’t worry, I am going to give proof (I think he should go for modeling), intelligent, talented, master of java (but he works in c now and also master in this), did I forget to say hard working. The most important feature of him is his love. He loves most of the people in this world. He is very kind also. He is a great believer of Lord Sri Ram and Lord Hanuman. I can’t forget that night, when he started to sing Ram Charit Manas. And that’s also sundara kanda. He started near 12.30 AM and ended nearly about 2.30 AM. I don’t know when I slept while listening to him.

We became so closer within ourselves that we always eat in one plate. I don’t who eats more 😉 . We had a good time together. The last year of B. Tech passed very nicely with him. When I went to his home while leaving Gunupur, he handed me a diary and asked me to write something about him. I don’t know why, a little tear came from my eyes. I have not been so emotional ever while departing anyone. Now I am in Chennai and he is in Delhi. I miss him always.

Bisu, my dearest friend

I have many more to say, but at this time, I am unable to write. I will update this later.

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