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Biswajit Mishra

In first three years of my B. Tech, we only know each other by name and branch only. But in a very little time he became my dearest friend. I am always grateful to Sulagna, to gift me such a good friend, however she don’t know about this. Biswajit Mishra, AKA Bisu, Kuna, Kunal and most popularly, Basia. He is very handsome, don’t worry, I am going to give proof (I think he should go for modeling), intelligent, talented, master of java (but he works in c now and also master in this), did I forget to say hard working. The most important feature of him is his love. He loves most of the people in this world. He is very kind also. He is a great believer of Lord Sri Ram and Lord Hanuman. I can’t forget that night, when he started to sing Ram Charit Manas. And that’s also sundara kanda. He started near 12.30 AM and ended nearly about 2.30 AM. I don’t know when I slept while listening to him.

We became so closer within ourselves that we always eat in one plate. I don’t who eats more 😉 . We had a good time together. The last year of B. Tech passed very nicely with him. When I went to his home while leaving Gunupur, he handed me a diary and asked me to write something about him. I don’t know why, a little tear came from my eyes. I have not been so emotional ever while departing anyone. Now I am in Chennai and he is in Delhi. I miss him always.

Bisu, my dearest friend

I have many more to say, but at this time, I am unable to write. I will update this later.


Jaga (Jagannath Pradhan)

Jaga is my best friend. He is my friend since my 9th class. We studied together for two years. Then I left Baranga and came to Cuttack. But our friendship remain as strong as before. He is very hard working guy and I am very lazy. When I go to Cuttack, he always came to me and we have a good time always. He used to have a good gym figure, but now he managed to have a big belly. This is not all about him, I will post more about him later.

Ipa (Snigdha Sucharita Samantaray)

Christmas 2006, I got an email form my Lady Luck (tell you later) and it was a gift from my God. And it was also Christmas 2007. How can my God take rest without sending me a gift? Well the person about whom I am going to write, is a gift of God for me. Snigdha Sucharita Samantaray or Snigdha Samantaray or sweetly nicked as Ipa (not for International Phonetic Alphabets or Indian Port Authority 😉 ). Ipa is one unique name according to my knowledge. She was in my Orkut friend list, but actually we don’t know each other before. The connection of our Orkut friendship was Banki community. That day we had a chat in Gtalk and not just for some minutes, but for hours. She is so friendly that I did not dare to sign out from Gtalk. Then we had chat often. And it became my addiction to chat with her. I will remember one phrase “agaru sanga helani” always. This one is the most friendly phrase of her for me.

She is so sweet that rasgulle (one famous Indian sweet and her favorite) will be less sweeter than her. One thing I learned  form her is how to laugh in Internet or Instant Messenger, i.e. “he he he”. Sometimes I add a smiley 🙂 or some dots to it.

Every time I have spent with her are my golden moments. I have never met her personally and I talked with her for very less time, but when ever I chat with her or think about her, I feel such that she is near me.

She is also very cute and beautiful as I have seen some of her photos. And her smile will cost you a billion rupees. Sorry, I don’t think anyone can buy it by giving all the money this world has.

She is also very broadminded, intelligent, humorous, talented (not getting good words to describe her 😦 ). She also loves her brother and sister very much and takes care always.

I have not met her and eagerly waiting for the golden opportunity to meet her. I always thank God, for his gift of such a sweet friend. I pray God, to keep our friendship for ever and making more stronger.

This post in not completed, because no one can write completely about her. I must be updating this post as I can know more about her.

Jab We Met

For a long time, I was thinking to start a new category in this blog, i.e. Jab We Met. Oh no, I am not going to write the review of the hit bollywood flick, it’s all about my friends and the people I met or know. This will be basically a testimonial for them.

The delay in this category is because I am always in confusion that what I will write and how can I write better and the most importantly from whom should I start?

Yesterday I got a testimonial from Ipa (Snigdha Sucharita Samantaray) in Orkut. It was for the first time that someone written a testimonial for me. So I decided to start with her. So please keep watching my posts  in this category, Jab We Met.