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Hi, it’s quite late to say it here, but late is better than never.

I moved to and blog there. No new posts are expected to come here. So please visit me there and continue reading me.



Biswajit – The Winner of World

Biswajit – The Winner of World, originally uploaded by Debiprasad.

One of my dreams is to be a good photographer. This is the photo I had taken when I was in Delhi – Noida, last year (2008, Dec 25 – 31). This is the one of the Best photos taken at Delhi and my life. Biswajit is also looks as a super model. However, to become a super model comes under one of his dream. This photo fulfills some of our dreams together. Had a nice time there in Delhi – Noida, however it was too cold and I could not get more time to visit many places, most of the time went on bed, sleeping under layers of bedsheets, blankets and sweaters. Miss you, Bisu.

Protected: My Lady Luck Shined on Me on My Birthday

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Many electronic problems at one time :(

Most of my friends ask me before buying any digital gadget such as computer or any of its peripherials, MP3 players, mobile phones. They also keep me asking about good essential softwares. They end up with some advantage, but when I buy any such product for myself, I ended up with some problems.

I bought Dell Inspiron 1520 and found 3 problem: Harddisk crashed after 5 months, found problem with speaker and battery at 11th month. I bought Sony Ericsson K790i, now I have some problem with the speaker sound. Of course I dropped it in water once. May be this is the reason popped this problem after some months after the accident. Currently, I am also having some problem with my Airtel Broadband connection also.

The most interesting (read as harashing) thing is all these 3 happened at same time. Why these attacks on me?

Bless Me My Teachers

Today is Septemeber 5, we celebrate it as teachers’ day. Today I pray all my teachers, who have shown me the lights of knowledge. What I am now, they have contributed in it. I pay my respects and love to them.

Prof. Sri Hari Prasad Anne - My Favourite Teacher

Prof. Sri Hari Prasad Anne - My Favorite Teacher

Today, I am remembering most my favorite teacher, Prof. Sri Hari Prasad Anne. He is the living God on earth. His way of teaching, explaining complex things easily and convincingly. His convincing power is great. I got the opportunity to be his student, when he was teaching us Engineering Mechanics in my 2nd semester of my B. Tech at GIET, Gunupur. And it become my favorite subject as I was able to understand it fully and easily at class. I never study it in hostel. I also missed only one class of him at that time.

I always think about him, but did not get any clue. Once I searched for his name in Google. I did not find him, but I found a page of IIT Kanpur, from where I got his name and his college name, where he is working currently. Then I searched for his college name, then college website, mechanical branch and the HOD, I found my Lord. Here is the link to that page.

He told us so many good things. One of them I will remember always.

If a politician says yes, then it’s may be.
If he says may be, then it’s no.
And if he says no, he is not suitable to be a politician.

When you propose any girl,
if she says no, understood as may be.
If she says may be, then it’s yes and
if she says yes, she is not suitable for your life partner.

I miss you, sir.

My Dream Job : Google

Everyone should have a dream. Some people say that you should not dream. What you are getting, that is OK. Some say, you should see dreams, so that you can achieve.

You have to dream before your dreams can come true. Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

Yes, I dream. Don’t know I can fulfill all these or not, still I dream. Not only dream, but also dream high. One of these dreams are regarding my job. I dream to work for Google, worlds top most brand. This is not the only reason to join Google. Some other’s are:

  • Fun and inspiring workplace
  • Flexible work hours (it is okay if you are not a morning person!)
  • Health and Life Insurance, with premium costs borne by Google
  • Google Stock Units
  • Annual Bonus
  • Referral Bonus
  • Education Reimbursement
  • Healthy meals and an abundance of snacks and drinks – all for free
  • Various on-site services – recreation rooms, concierge services, home-office transport, etc.
  • Google goodies – t-shirts, caps, bags, etc; they are pretty popular!

Let see, when can I make this dream live.