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on the eve of Happy Friendship Day

Tomorrow is the first Sunday of August. And we celebrate Happy Friendship Day. I thought let’s buy one gift for one close friend. So I moved to nearest market to have a look on the gifts. Before I look at them, I found there are lots of friendship bands welcoming. And some crowd near those friendship bands. Most of the purchasers for friendship bands are girls 😉 . And I found many friendship bands were increasing the beauty of their lovely hands, on the eve of Happy Friendship Day. I am thinking, if today I can see so many friendship bands, how many will join them tomorrow? And how lovely their hands will look 🙂 .

If you can able to meet with your friend on Friendship Day, then you will tie one friendship band or present one lovely gift. But if you have any electronic contact? If you have contact via phone, make a call or send one sms, email contacts: email. And if you have your friend at Orkut, then go to and get Happy Friendship Day Photo Scraps and Happy Friendship Day Photo Scraps.

Wish you a Happy Friendship Day.