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India Elections Can Win Oscars

The difference between Hollywood and Bollywood are quite similar to the difference between America and India Elections. Here in India we have lots of drama. Just add all the drama  and you have a movie, which can win Oscars.

Songs are a common difference in Hollywood and Bollywood (You can call it as Indian Film Industry). We have Jai Ho also (another reason to win Oscar). Not only Jai Ho, we have many election songs (in Hindi and other regional languages), include those in the movie, your chance of Oscar is even more. This reminds me a oriya song album Baulalo, which is a very popular song. This music was originally scored by Sadashib Maharana, for an election campaign. I don’t know exactly the candidate won that election or not (I think it was a successful campain – Baula lo), but after some time, Sadashib Maharana came with lyrics of Prafulla Mohanty and the original singer (with that magical mass upealing voice) Sumitra Mahapatra and the album got hit. The album was released by Sarthak Music. Soon after the success of Baula lo, another Oriya music company came with similar song ablum¬† Makara lo. Makara lo also did well (most of the Oriya music albums do well, do you plan to produce one?!), but it has not that Baulo lo magic.

Where Jai Ho came into election campaign after Oscar success, Baula lo got commercial success after success in a election campaign. The point here is that candidate (the song was for the campaign of one candidate only, not for any party at whole) who used Baula lo spend less, but those people who have spent millions on Jai Ho. I think I should start a Baula lo campaign against congress’s Jai Ho campaign.

Now come to movie, Prakash Jha is making a movie on politics Rajneeti, let’s hope an Oscar for it.

Don’t shy to vote, else don’t complain for next five years.


Every Girl Lakhpati!!!

I got an sms ad by BJP that Advani’s dream to make every school going girl a lakhpati. Seems to be a good plan, but what they say is not true. Let me place my view on this.

  • This should/may not for every school going girl. This should/may be for the poor girls, whose parent can’t afford the cost of food, health, clothes and school expenses. So the campaign becomes: every school going girl a lakhpati
  • Lakhpati – A term used for the person who have more than one lac (in INR, in India) assets. Now a days most of the families who are just above the poverty line has assets more than one lac. Still those people unable to afford for a good life. And now a days the prices of all are so high, that the term Lakhpati becomes senseless.
  • And the girl who will receive one lac for her education, may not receive at a time. Should could get this in installments. If she gets the amount at a time, then also she need to spend it on her essential expenses. And she is not going to lakhpati. As the Ladli Laxmi Yojana says, the girl will get more than 1 lac after she finishes 12th or turns 18, just think of the value of 1 lac then. So the campaign becomes: every school going girl a lakhpati

At last, I will tell every school going girl a lakhpati, now becomes school going girl still holds good for a better India.

Don’t shy to vote, else don’t complain for next five years.