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Wish You a Happy Valentines Day!

Wish you a happy Valentines Day! Get Scraps, Testimonials, Photo Scraps and more…

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Wish you a Happy New Year 2008

Wish you a happy new year!
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Comming Soon… Love Orkut

All the setups for hosting and domain name is done yesterday. Today I uploaded some files for temporary display only. The complete version (version 1) of the application will be uploaded soon. Please be in touch. Some of the luckiest visitors will get so many gifts. Now you can visit the site and bookmark it, so that you can visit it later. The probable date of launch of this site is 1st January 2008. (Celebrating Happy New Year). You can give your emails, so that I can contact you, when everything is up, and chance of getting gifts will be more.

Love Orkut ::¬†Scraps, Testimonials, and more…