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Bless Me My Teachers

Today is Septemeber 5, we celebrate it as teachers’ day. Today I pray all my teachers, who have shown me the lights of knowledge. What I am now, they have contributed in it. I pay my respects and love to them.

Prof. Sri Hari Prasad Anne - My Favourite Teacher

Prof. Sri Hari Prasad Anne - My Favorite Teacher

Today, I am remembering most my favorite teacher, Prof. Sri Hari Prasad Anne. He is the living God on earth. His way of teaching, explaining complex things easily and convincingly. His convincing power is great. I got the opportunity to be his student, when he was teaching us Engineering Mechanics in my 2nd semester of my B. Tech at GIET, Gunupur. And it become my favorite subject as I was able to understand it fully and easily at class. I never study it in hostel. I also missed only one class of him at that time.

I always think about him, but did not get any clue. Once I searched for his name in Google. I did not find him, but I found a page of IIT Kanpur, from where I got his name and his college name, where he is working currently. Then I searched for his college name, then college website, mechanical branch and the HOD, I found my Lord. Here is the link to that page.

He told us so many good things. One of them I will remember always.

If a politician says yes, then it’s may be.
If he says may be, then it’s no.
And if he says no, he is not suitable to be a politician.

When you propose any girl,
if she says no, understood as may be.
If she says may be, then it’s yes and
if she says yes, she is not suitable for your life partner.

I miss you, sir.